Fintegral review – Warning

Our research about Fintegral shows that it has been blacklisted by a financial regulator and that is why we are publishing this warning.

What is Fintegral

Fintegral is a brokerage firm for gold, oil, stocks, currency pairs and other assets trading. The minimum deposit to open an account is 500 USD.

Official website:

Address: Ethereal Group LLC 1450 LLC 2021 First Floor, First ST Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown VC0100, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Contact information: [email protected]

Fintegral website

Is Fintegral legit?

Based on our research we have to say that Fintegral is not legit. The reason for this conclusion is that it has been blacklisted by a financial regulator for providing unauthorized financial or investment services.

The warning about Fintegral

The financial regulator that has warned the public about Fintegral is the Consob, see the full alert HERE.

The Consob had this to say about Fintegral: This broker is not authorized, it is offering its financial services illegally in Italy.

AFI says: Fintegral is not regulated in any country.

Why this warning is important

Financial regulation is key to maintaining orderly markets. Every country has at least one independent regulator that oversees financial markets to ensure that customers of investment services are protected.

No regulation is perfect, but it provides at least basic protection to consumers. In the investment world, regulation often ensures that clients’ funds are segregated from the money of the company, that there is transparent pricing of traded assets, that the company is not in conflict of interests, etc.

Simply put, there are rules that investment companies have to follow and regulators make sure that they follow them.

In some countries, deposits with investment companies are even insured. This means that if the company, for example, a broker, goes bankrupt, clients still get their money back from an insurance fund.

For all the reasons mentioned above the risks with regulated companies are far smaller than with the ones that are not regulated. There are many, many more scams among unlicensed and unauthorized investment services.

Therefore, to stay on the safer side, it is always better to trade and invest only with regulated companies. Only with platforms that are licensed by regulators to provide the services they are offering.

You should educate yourself about financial regulation in your country and use only investment and other financial services that are authorized in your country by relevant authorities.

Is Fintegral a scam?

Fintegral being blacklisted by a financial regulator, namely by the Consob, does not necessarily mean that it is a scam. Unless it is explicitly said in the alert.

But it is important to know that every time there is a reason for a company to be placed on a warning list by a financial authority.

There must have been an impulse for the regulator to investigate Fintegral and conclude that the public must be warned about it. Like complaints from users or suspicion, for example. Most often it’s testimonials from users who have bad experience with the service and have to complain.

Some investment projects just overlook their duties as far as financial and investment laws are concerned, some are outright scams that just avoid regulation.

In this review, we report on the alert that the Consob published about Fintegral. So for a conclusion about whether it is a scam or not you can contact directly this financial authority.

They should be able to explain with more details why they published the warning. For example, if it was initiated by bad user experience or something else.

In our experience, to stay safe, it is better to avoid all companies and investment services that have been blacklisted by financial regulators.

You can also contact the national financial authority in your country and ask it about Fintegral to see what they have to say.

In conclusion about Fintegral

Fintegral has been the subject of a warning from the Consob, which is a financial regulator. So there is a problem with it, and that is why you’d better stay away from it.

If you have doubts about Fintegral, just ask a licensed investment advisor and/or the national financial authority in your country to get a professional opinion.

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  1. Buna ziua,vreau sa va duc la cunostiinta ca fara sa fi citit nimic despre aceasta firma FINTEGRAL, am deschis un cont cu ajutorul unei persoane de la aceasta firma care vorbea limba romana si am depus suma de 250 usd, Ulterior am primit si un broker Alison McKolins cu care am dialogat prin whatApp.Am inceput tranzactionarea, castiguri destul de subtiri, dar asta nu m a deranjat.Dupa circa 2 saptamani acest broker m a convins sa mai depun inca 1000 usd, ca altfel nu mai pot tranzactiona. Mi-am zis ca pentru o luna , doua as putea depune si aceasta suma in urma unui imprumut, asa ca am facut acest lucru si in 24 oct am depus aceasta suma . Dupa inca doua saptamani brokerita mi a cerut alti bani , ceva asigurare !!!, I am spus ca nu pot sa trimit si daca nu se mai poate tranzactiona, sa mi
    trimita suma depusa plus ceea ce am castigat din care sa retina toate taxele ce trebuiesc achitate.Mentionez ca eu vad pe platforma de tranzactionare ca sunt suficienti bani pentru retinere.Mi a spus ca trebui sa astept , ca plan de o luna si ca pot sa mi primesc acesti bani dupa 30 noiembrie 2022 Mi au trimis o adresa prin care spuneau cat am de ridicat dar inainte de asta trebuia sa achit un impozit de vreo 1600 usd., suma ce puteau sa o retina din acest depozit al meu. Dumnealor o tin una si buna ca trebui sa achit acest impozit si dupa aceea imi primesc banii.M am uitat pe acel cont al meu , pot intra pe el,vizionez dar nu pot face nici o tranzactiie. Adresa pe care mi au trimis o este HM Revenue&Customs este emisa in 28.11.2022 /James Alan Harra First Permanent Secretary, Chief h BD 4YL, UK. Am sunat de cateva prin mesj la aceasta brokerita cu rugamintea de a mi recupra banii depusi, spune ca ca vorbeste unde treui si s ma anunte, dar fac asta in fiecare saptamana si nimic nu se intampla. Va rog sa ma indeumati unde trebui sau poate ma jutati dvs cumva sa mi pot recupera banii depusi.MULTUMESC , VISAN ASILICA, ROMANIA

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